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Service Project Highlights 

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Special Needs Prom

"We host a prom for the children who don't get the luxury of having one. Our key club put one on last year and the kids had a great time. We take it for granted, but those kids loved it!"

- Pell City High School

Annual Alabama Coastal Cleanup in Fairhope

"This is a great event that brings together the community for one of the most critical causes in our world right now - to protect our environment. Our members have taken the initiative to preserve something so important to the heart of Fairhope, while having fun in the process!"

- Fairhope High School


Stadium Cleanup

Our school does Stadium Cleanups after every home football game. We gather a bunch of supplies, like garbage bags and gloves and go row by row and clean the stadium as well as around the field. 

- Spanish Fort High School

Crunch Hunger

"Crunch Hunger is a school-wide cereal drive to benefit to a local food pantry. At the end of the drive, all of the cereal boxes are lined up (domino style), and the lower school student who brought in the most boxes pushes the first box down to start the “domino” effect.

Last year, we collected over 1400 boxes!"

- Bayside Academy


Trunk or Treat

"Trunk or treat is super fun! We get members to decorate the backs of their cars with different themes and we handed out candy to special needs kids in the community. It's a great way to celebrate Halloween!"

- Daphne High School

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