Updated: March 24, 2020

As stated in the information document linked and embedded below, the deadline for candidate literature submissions is 9:00 AM CT on Saturday, April 4, 2020, which is approximately when all materials will be made viewable on the website and convention app. 


Refer to the document below if you’re interested in running for the office of Lieutenant Governor, District Secretary, District Governor, or for International Endorsement. 

A Lieutenant Governor oversees and supports the Key Clubs within his or her Division and serves as a liaison between the Alabama District and the Division’s club. Duties include producing monthly newsletters for the Division, training and supporting club officers, holding Division-level events, and serving on one or more District-level committees. 

The District Secretary oversees the District Board along with the District Governor. Duties include maintaining Alabama District records, producing monthly newsletters, assisting the District Governor in all his or her initiatives, and taking official minutes at all District Board Meetings. 

The District Governor represents the Alabama District and its interests within Key Club International and oversees the District Board. Duties include serving as a liaison between the Alabama District and Key Club International, communicating with other branches of the K-Family, training all District officers, creating monthly newsletters, and presiding over all District events. 

International Endorsement enables candidates to run for international-level office at International Convention. International-level offices include International Trustee, International Vice President, and International President. 


Email District Governor Luke Reed (governor@alabamakeyclub.org), District Secretary Basim Naim (secretary@alabamakeyclub.org), Elections Chairperson Joanne Kim (ltg12@alabamakeyclub.org), or Assistant District Administrator Mrs. Marla Hines (mhines@alabamakeyclub.org) with any questions.