DCON Registration

Thank you for a successful District Convention! The information in this tab pertains to 2019’s District Convention and is currently public for archival purposes.

Online registration is now open. To register, click here.

Deadline to register is Wednesday, March 20, 2019.

  • Registration
    The registration cost is $150 per attendee (member, advisor, parent, Kiwanian, etc.). This cost includes a DCON t-shirt, the Keynote Speaker, two meals (dinner on Saturday; brunch on Sunday), a Key Club swag bag and souvenirs, workshop materials, convention mobile app, plus much more!
  • Rooming Options
    Quad: $66
    Triple: $88
    Double: $132
    Single: $264
    For example, an attendee choosing the quad rooming option will pay a total of $216 ($66 + $150).
  • Bus Transportation
    For those traveling from south Alabama, there will be a charter bus leaving from Mobile at a cost of $45 per person.
  • Required Paperwork
    To attend the District Convention, you are required to complete a medical release form. That form can be found by clicking here.
  • Convention Agenda
    For the convention agenda, click here.
  • Convention Dresscode
    Click here to view this lesson
    about DCON Dress Code.
  • Advisor Tools
    Click here for DCON Helpful Hints & Reminders.
    Click here for Fundraising Documentation.

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